Nurture your Body, Mind and Spirit!

Yoga can be practiced and enjoyed for physical fitness reasons and benefits alone. Improve flexibility, tone muscles and experience effective breathing techniques. Medical research is validating yoga’s benefits across a wide spectrum of health, wellness and challenging life conditions. Reducing stress, anxiety, depression and significantly improving the yoga practitioner’s sense of quality of life are just a few benefits repeatedly validated in studies of the most rigorous standards of proving efficacy in medical research. Yoga classes at the Wellness Center are appropriate for all levels, from first time student to those who have practiced for years.

Helen Emge Shymanski, E-CYI, CHC, coordinates our class programming and is St. Mary’s lead instructor. She has more than 14 years’ experience. Kathy Elliott and Elizabeth Hiett also provide our yoga class experiences.

For schedule information about our Body, Mind, Spirit Integrative Classes, click here.

For a sample of what a yoga class entails, watch our videos:

Yoga Sampler for all Ages in the Workplace or HomeĀ 

Yoga for Kids

Body Mind Spirit Sampler: Address the Stress – Energize

The Power of Peacefulness and Joy for Kids and Teens through Yoga

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