Art at Epworth Crossing

“Blue Swarm” by Peg Fierke

“Botanical Platters” by Lenny Dowhie

“Configural Series #7” by Alex McKibbin

“Eleusinian Mysteries #7” by Kim Krause

“How My Garden Grows” by Joycelyn Todisco

“Memory” by Robert Eagerton

“Pi and Pascal’s Triangle Round 3” by Yvette Kaiser Smith

“Reflections” by Rudy Pozzatti

“Regeneration Trilogy” by Carrie McGee

“Ti Forè” by Eric Lee

“Tranquility” by Karen & Larry Hampton

“Transformation” by Gino Miles

“Within the Beauty” by Jeanne Petrosky & Dennis Guzenski

“ZEN” by Amy Musia

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