“Blue Swarm” by Peg Fierke

"Blue Swarm" by Peg Fierke

Peg Fierke earned her BFA and MFA degrees at the University of Illinois. She taught a variety of studio courses, as well as a senior seminar in art therapy at Herron School of Art and Design at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis from 1968 through 2007. Her artwork has been exhibited extensively world-wide.

In the style of Geometric Abstraction, Peg Fierke has created imagery that mimics cellular structure as well as repetitive graphic patterns. The contemplative patterns play with depth of fi eld and movement through the use of layering familiar forms and positioning them in connective relationships while pushing the bond by use of color.

In her varying processes of ongoing manipulation, layering of forms, and/or interspersing designs, Fierke refers to the process of creating the imagery as “a metaphor for the way in which the phenomenon of chaos operates in evolutionary biology or even how chaos theory interprets any event in which infinitesimal variation become amplified over time/space to become very noticeable, creating a new, nonlinear, and unpredictable self-generated order.”

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