“How My Garden Grows” by Joycelyn Todisco

"How My Garden Grows" by Joycelyn Todisco

A native of Evansville, Joycelyn Todisco graduated from the University of Evansville with a Bachelor of Fine Art focusing on Painting, Drawing and Photography. Growing up within a creative and artistic family, Todisco developed her drawing skills at a young age and explored different mediums throughout her childhood.

Her experience at UE brought into focus an instinctual curiosity about wildlife as the constant search for subject matter to complete assignments. The majority of her portfolio features animals, as illustrations and oil paintings in a realism style or as color abstracts. The reward of depicting wildlife as well as domesticated animals in environmental settings is not only the artwork created but the knowledge and appreciation that goes along with the research of the subject; the native environments and shelters, natural behaviors and diet, physiology and movement.

As a form of “keeping the imagination fresh,” Todisco spends time experimenting with new art products that have been developed over the years. With acrylic paint, many pastes and gels have been invented to create texture and extend the coloration possibilities. Acrylics dry within minutes so the process moves fast and incorporating the next idea can be achieved without the “what if” hesitation. It is emotionally uplifting to freely apply the mediums and have imagery emerge subconsciously. The elation shows in the finished product.

The artwork installed at St. Mary’s Epworth Crossing is titled “How My Garden Grows” due to the process of mixing pigments with gels and pastes then applying them with a palette knife. The first layer started as color patches, laying out the color composition to balance warm and cool hues. Then flattened patches of colored gel were applied with the knife and scratched in a rhythmic pattern. As the pattern was developed the placement of “floral” type applications were dictated. A brush was also used to add tonal quality to the paint for more dimensional quality. As the layers were built up, the garden grew.

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