“Ti Forè” by Eric Lee

"Ti Forè" by Eric Lee

Eric Lee is a self-taught abstract painter, born in Brooklyn, New York. Eric’s work includes back painted frameless glass paintings and functional art. He pioneered the process with an innovative method that seals the back of the glass surface against damage from moisture and abrasion. The treatment has the additional benefit of creating an
airtight backing.

According to the artist, he spent roughly twenty years as a technical consultant to some of the world’s leading architectural design firms. He worked on an array of projects…including the Guggenheim Soho, Armand Hammer and Andy Warhol museums, among others. His involvement in numerous noteworthy “art related” architectural projects undoubtedly has had an impact on his evolution as an artist. Eric credits his career working within the design community as the source of his inspiration.

Eric says, “I feel I spent most my adult life developing my aesthetic sensibility. Until now, the influences on my work have been largely from outside the art world. I also find myself being energized and challenged as I seek to find my path in art…trying to stay true to the songs that sing to me.”

My approach to painting reflects my philosophy about aesthetics in general… that the key to what “works” and by the same token doesn’t work for me, lies in the transitions. The effective juxtaposition of what may seem to be confl icting or incompatible colors, may lie in the way they blend… how one handles the segue.

As my work evolves, I seek to explore that core concept…the effect of blending and transition from one color, form…and even material to another.

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