“Tranquility” by Karen & Larry Hampton

"Tranquility" by Karen & Larry Hampton

Karen Hampton creates contemporary textile wall hangings, wall art quilts, “one of a kind” garments, and other wearables. Surface design techniques provides the catalyst for producing original fiber art that may include original batik, dyed, printed, painted, silkscreened, discharged, devoréd, foiled or felted cloth, or various other surface
embellishments. The mood of her art is always rich, subtly blended colors, textures and abstract patterns.

This luminescent digital fiber art piece is a husband and wife collaboration. Karen and Larry combine and edit original photo images into abstract compositions inspired by nature. The sewing adds depth with the texture of the threads.

According to the artists, “We used natures own elements of water, rocks, leaves, trees, gardens and ponds with an emphasis on the water to produce a soothing tranquil mood. We want to share our fascination and love of nature that surrounds our home in the southern Indiana area. We never tire of exploring the colors, patterns and textures that occur in nature. We see more in a leaf than just a leaf. By extracting only the texture, patterns and shapes of ordinary trees and leaves, and changing the color, we have transformed the ordinary into a radiant changed reality.“

From an early age, I have expressed myself through art. Now as an owner of an advertising agency, fi ber art has become an outlet for my creativity. Creating fiber art gives me the license to use any technique to create without inhibitions. It is usually the technique that drives the design outcome.

Karen has a college degree in Commercial Art and owns Schenk Hampton Advertising, Inc. in Evansville, IN, with her husband Larry. Karen is responsible for sales and account management. Karen takes many workshops on quilting, wearable design, and surface design to continue her education.

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