“Within the Beauty” by Jeanne Petrosky & Dennis Guzenski

"Within the Beauty" by Jeanne Petrosky & Dennis Guzenski

Studying painting, drawing, sculpture, etching, graphic arts and pottery, Jeanne Petrosky graduated from Montgomery County Community College in Montgomery County, PA, with an associate degree. Moving onto Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia she next focused her talents on crafts ~ glass blowing, jewelry and weaving. She left after completing one year to become a stained glass designer and graphic artist for a craft store. She went on to work as a graphic artist for an advertising agency and a custom framer for a gallery.

In 1987, Jeanne met a woman at a party who made paper. Having always loved paper and fiber, the first thing out of her mouth was “I’d like to try that.” The connection to making paper was immediate! Since papermaking in itself is simple to learn, this allowed the creativity to flow. The addiction started the first time someone bought the work. She was accepted to the American Craft Council Show (one of the more prestigious at the time), quit her day-jobs and began pursuing her art full time.

Dennis Guzenski’s fine art career evolved from the world of decorative arts. He came to painting by way of many different careers including painting the exteriors of Victorian homes. Tired of having to depend on good weather, limited work time, and varying roof
heights, he was open to pursuing new avenues.

Faux Finishing captured his interest in 1991. Dennis sought to study these techniques, and enrolled in the country’s oldest faux finishing school in NYC. At Finishing School, Inc. Dennis fell in love with the process. There he mastered the art of rendering faux marble, wood grains, Italian Landscape Murals, Venetian plastering, and other sophisticated decorative finishes. His growing interest in learning many new decorative painting and designer wall finishes eventually turned into a business.

Dennis’s talented hand from thirty years of faux finishing has lead to his fine art collaborations with wife and partner Jeanne Petrosky. The fine art of Jeanne Petrosky and Dennis Guzenski is now a completely collaborative effort. Their bold approach to papermaking has won them numerous awards. They are published in multiple books, and their work can be seen at the country’s most acclaimed shows including the Philadelphia Craft show, Smithsonian Craft Show, American Craft Council and the American Craft Exposition. Jeanne Petrosky and Dennis Guzenski’s art is included in private and corporate collections across the USA, Korea, Japan and England.

At first glance, Jeanne and Dennis’s art is color. Upon a closer look you start appreciating the nuances, the subtlety and the expansiveness in the simplicity, seeing the interplay of color and texture within the form.

“We have created our art as a pause in life to breathe, let go and enjoy!” Jeanne’s inspiration has been deeply rooted in contemporary art from her first year of art history. “When those slides came up, I was mesmerized. Once seeing the work in person, I knew I was home. The bold color fields of the minimalists captured me as if no one else was in the room, filling me with tears, excitement and calm.”

Jeanne and Dennis had an opportunity to travel Japan in 2005. From the elegant grace of moss, sand and rock gardens to the simplicity of the tatami rooms, each continued to reinforce their need for and appreciation of simplicity. Inspired by artists of all mediums… Clifford Sills, Jackson Pollock, Khalil Gibran, Nakashima, and so many of their

Jeanne and Dennis make their own paper. It gives them freedom to customize sizes and textures and it sets them apart.

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