Wireless Internet

Free Wireless Internet Access
We understand the need to stay connected, whether it’s e-mailing a family member or friend, or browsing online. St. Mary’s offers free wireless service to its patients and families. To access the service, you will need a wireless card in your laptop to connect to the internet. Access is available throughout Epworth Crossing. The wireless network is named “net” and provides IP addressing via DHCP.

Is my connection secure?
Wireless Internet access provides open, ┬ádirect access to the internet. Other than pornography and malicious sites, access is unrestricted. You may want to ensure that your laptop’s anti-virus and firewall software are up-to-date. Use the wireless connection at your own risk.

St. Mary’s is not responsible for sensitive information communicated through the wireless connection, such as credit card, personal data or banking information. Wireless access is a complimentary service made available by St. Mary’s for the convenience of patients and visitors.

To use St. Mary’s high-speed wireless internet, perform the following steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer; are you able to access the internet? If not proceed to the next step.
  • Open the wireless connection software tool on your laptop. This is the software that allows you setup various wireless networks or do a scan of the environment to see what networks are available to connect to.
  • With this tool, perform a scan or refresh the list of available wireless networks if the network with an SSID (or name) of “net” is not listed. If it is listed, proceed to next step.
  • Select the wireless network named “net” and connect. No encryption or authentication is required. The laptop may alert you that you are connecting to an “unsecured” network and ask if you want to proceed. If you would like to connect to the unsecured wireless network, click “yes” if prompted.
  • If you are not able to connect, please call 812.485.5600 and ask for assistance. This is the St. Mary’s Information Systems service desk.

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