Advanced Digital Mammography Offered at St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s Breast Center was the first facility in Evansville to bring you digital mammography and has the area’s only board-certified radiologists in the tri-state region who specialize in reading only breast imaging. Backed by Computer Aided Detection (CAD), digital mammography offers the most advanced technology available today in the fight against breast cancer. We provide same day results most of the time so you can worry less. A digital mammogram works in the same way as a traditional mammogram, but instead of capturing images on X-ray film, which has to be developed, images are captured digitally and immediately sent to a computer monitor.

Digital Mammography:

  • Provides a cleaner image and allows technologists to manipulate the brightness, contrast and magnification to help detect any cancer that may be present.
  • Uses 60% less radiation than traditional mammograms with film, which means less potential for adverse effects due to radiation exposure.
  • Requires less compression, which is more comfortable for you.

The CAD program acts like an additional pair of eyes looking at the images assisting in the detection of breast cancer and flagging suspicious areas for further review by our radiologists. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your digital mammograms are being read by a specialized radiologist who reviews only breast images and is trained to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages.

For more information about our comprehensive breast health services, please contact the St. Mary’s Breast Center: 100 St. Mary’s Epworth Crossing Newburgh, IN 812.485.4437

Our Radiologists

Kathryn Bryan, MD

Dr. Kathryn Bryan is a board-certified breast radiologist with more than 25 years expertise in Breast Radiology.  She completed a residency in Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Illinois/Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago, and earned her Doctor of Medicine from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.


Charles Lackey, DO

Dr. Charles Lackey is a board-certified dedicated breast radiologist.  He completed a special breast fellowship at the prestigious Mallinckrodt Institute at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.


100 St. Mary's Epworth Crossing
Newburgh, IN

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